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    Built in the late 1960s as an electronics manufacturing plant, later adopted as the Floral Trade Center, now a model of purposeful redevelopment. MAKE is a 175,000 square foot office project for California’s forward thinking companies who value a higher quality experience for their employees. 400 yards from the ocean in Carlsbad, CA, MAKE has been created to inspire productivity and maximize workplace happiness.

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    tear the roof off

    Indoor and outdoor work spaces integrate seamlessly, allowing Carlsbad’s ideal climate to stimulate ideas and nurture well-being. A section of roof was removed to create an L-shaped breezeway through the building, welcoming in natural daylight and ocean air.

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    make moves

    We’re all more productive and happier when we pump oxygen to our brain and body. Whatever your chosen method for activating your best self, our fitness center staff has you covered. Group classes, personal training, bike share, surfboard storage, indoor and outdoor showers, it’s all integrated into a day’s work.

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    make coffee

    An old shipping container has taken on new life as a café, operated by the Coffee/Tea/Food enthusiasts of Copa Vida. Take it to-go, or sit in the outdoor patio area and enjoy with a colleague. Copa Vida also customizes coffee programs for each company, bringing the coffee to the suite.

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    MAKE was designed and built with mindfulness toward how today’s office users want to interact – with each other and with their environment. Large sliding glass doors allow coastal breezes to condition the indoor work spaces.

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    creative collision

    Several areas on the MAKE campus are designed to invite meaningful interaction. The outdoor amphitheater is a gathering space for more than just classic movies.

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5600 Avenida Encinas
Carlsbad, CA

Make is an office campus for ambitious and innovative companies that demand a work environment which sets them apart.

175,000 square feet of multi-tenant office space has been created out of an old warehouse near the ocean in Carlsbad, CA. The building and amenities were developed with the user in mind. Designed to blend work and life, indoor and outdoor, MAKE takes full advantage of an ideal climate and location. It is a place where talent thrives and companies maximize their creative productivity.

Fitness Center
healthy + happy + productive
personal trainers, yoga, indoor/outdoor group fitness classes, spa lockers with towel service, wifi, state of the art equipment
Surfboard Racks
protected outdoor area to store short ones and long ones
Bike Share Locker
beach cruisers for your transportation pleasure – gratis
Shuttle Service
Ride in Style
take the make Sprinter to the beach, village or station
Copa Vida serves hand-crafted coffee & tea, pastries, wraps and salads. M-F, 7:30am-2:30pm
Food Trucks
Restaurants within a mile
In-N-Out Burger, Tip Top Meats, Miguel's Cocina, Sammy's Woodfired Pizza, Green Dragon Tavern, Seafire Restaurant & Bar, Burger Lounge, Veggie Grill, Chandler’s, Corner Bakery Café, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, San Sai Japanese Grill, Rubio’s, PF Chang’s, Carlsbad Ranch Market
outdoor work spaces that stimulate creative collision
Private Outdoor Patios
exclusive spaces for tenants
Outdoor Amphitheater
all hands meeting, company event or movie night – we got you
Horseshoes and Fire Pit
EV Charging
chargepoint stations to refuel any model electric car
Mobile Auto Detailing
Outdoor Seating areas
areas abound to soak up some Vitamin D while on a conference call, enjoyng your lunch, or taking a power nap
Outdoor Showers
Beach Style.
rinse the salt and sand off yourself and your equipment
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For more information, visit www.cruzan.co.
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